3 Mistakes That Are Holding You Back…

If you feel a sense of panic when people ask “What do you do?” this post is for you… 

Knowing how to communicate who you are and what you do quick and concisely is CRITICAL to your success.  Learning how to communicate is like rocket fuel for your business. 

There are 3 things that will take you from…

  • Feeling Uncomfortable, Panicked Or Nervous When Someone Asks “What Do You Do?” 😱
  • Speaking In Jumbled Words & Broken Sentences Which Make You Look (& Feel) Incompetent  🙈
  • Losing Sales Because Your Potential Customers Have Just Seen You Word Vomit All Over The Place  🙊


  • Confidently Discussing Your Services & Products With ANYONE Who Asks Regardless Of The Situation  💪💪💪
  • Explaining What You Do So Clearly & Concisely That Even A Monkey Can Understand  🎯
  • Generating Genuine Curiosity About Your Products & Services So That People Actually Ask You Questions Instead Of You Word Vomiting All Over Them…  🔑🔑🔑


I’ve worked with dozens of clients in the past 3 months and here’s what I’ve noticed:

Almost every single one struggled in the same area, but they couldn’t see how it was holding them back from having the impact and the income they want…


First Mistake:  

Not Being CRYSTAL CLEAR On What You Do, Who You Serve, & How You Help Them


If you aren’t clear on what you do, who you serve, and how you help people – STOP HERE and message me now.  You’ll never be able to grow your business until you’ve figured this out. If you don’t know who you help and how you help them – you’ll never be able to articulate why people should give you money.

Being able to answer the question – “Why would someone give me money?” is a MUST.  Then your 30-second intro becomes simple. Clarity is the key to cash flow & growth.  


Second Mistake:  

Not Having The RIGHT FORMULA To Communicate Those Things In Way That People Actually Want To Hear Them.


There are a lot of ways to present what you do.  The best way – “I help ________ (your ideal client) achieve/overcome/etc _________ (their goal/problem) so that they can blank ________ (their ultimate desire)”

If you’ve never formatted an “I Help” message like this, learning to do this will make talking to prospective clients SO much easier.  

I’ve got a cheat sheet on how to create your I Help message – get your free copy here.


Third Mistake:  

Telling People More At One Time Than They Can Handle Or Remember.


FACT:  People will only retain and remember around 20% of what they hear.  So if you’re trying to tell them everything about your business in 60 seconds – they’re going to shut down and not remember anything that you say.

Speak in RELEVANT bite size pieces and then WAIT for them to ask a question.  

If they ask a question, it means they’re engaged and actively listening.  

That’s what you want.

If you learn how to avoid these mistakes, turning a potential client into a paying client will become easy and effortless.

Happy business building!

Bridget Irby

Bridget Irby

CEO, Digital Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author, International Speaker & Business Trainer

Bridget Irby is an in-demand marketing expert for businesses who want to grow their following & revenue both on and offline.  She helps business owners discover the right strategy to fit their unique needs and help them achieve their goals.